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MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Diamond Powder Swatches

Foundation is my playground. There’s nothing I love more than testing different formulas in a bid to find the best. This time, it’s the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin under the spotlight; a matte foundation that’s getting rave reviews for it’s long-lasting, high coverage and comfortable formula. No, you didn’t read that wrong, everyone’s writing home about the fact that this matte foundation is the most comfortable and natural-looking yet.

So, naturally, there was only one thing for me to do: test it out! Find everything you need to know below…

Mat Velvet+ vs Matte Velvet Skin

Before we get started with this review, it’s important to note that Matte Velvet Skin isn’t completely brand new, it’s actually a reformulation. Its previous version was known as  Mat Velvet +, which has now been discontinued. But don’t worry if you loved that foundation, Matte Velvet Skin offers the same benefits and more!

One of the main differences between the two (beside the name and packaging) is the texture. Mat Velvet + had more of a liquid texture, whereas, while Matte Velvet Skin is a liquid it is definitely more creamy and not as watery. Another point of difference is that the new Matte Velvet Skin is waterproof with 24 hour wear; Mat Velvet + only offered only a water-resistant formula with no specified wear-time other than ‘long-lasting’.

The Facts

The Finish: As the name suggests Matte Velvet Skin leaves a matte finish on the skin, making it a perfect fit for oily and combination skin types. This matte finish is unlike others on the market though, it’s formulated with synthetic mica, which absorbs excess oil but also has texturising and light-reflecting properties that ensure your skin looks natural and velvety, never flat or mask-like.

The Coverage: Matte Velvet Skin is extremely buildable but not at all cakey and it won’t clog pores. You can achieve a medium coverage, or layer it to achieve a fuller coverage. A crucial part of Matte Velvet Skin’s formula is a flexi-fit complex. This unique technology, along with film and micro powders, is what make the base so comfortable to wear; they allow skin to breathe and also help it adapt to facial movements.

The Wear Time: This foundation means business. It offers a 24 hour wear-time, plus a waterproof formula (which I can completely vouch for)  thanks to film-forming agents and hydrophobic pigments. They lock in the powders, boost the foundation’s resistance and provide long-wearing coverage that doesn’t flake or crack.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Foundation Swatches

The Shades

Y205 – Alabaster is a very fair ivory shade with a yellow undertone.

Y215 – Yellow Alabaster is a fair to light shade with a very prominent yellow undertone.

Y225 – Marble is a light shade with a warm hue best suited to skin with yellow undertones.

R230 – Ivory is a fair to light shade that has a red shift.

Y245 – Soft Sand is a light shade with a neutral to yellow undertone.

Y255 – Sand Beige is a little lighter in tone to Y245 and has a yellow undertone.

Y305 – Soft Beige is a light to medium shade with a neutral to yellow undertone.

Y315 – Sand is a light medium beige shade with a yellow undertone.  

Y325 – Flesh is a light beige with a neutral to yellow undertone.

Y335 – Dark Sand is warmer than Y325 and has a yellow undertone.

Y345 – Natural Beige is a light medium shade with a yellow undertone.

Y365 – Desert has a warm beige hue and yellow undertone.

Y375 – Golden Sand is a camel shade with a warm, yellow undertone.

Y405 – Golden Honey is light fawn shade with a yellow undertone.

Y415 – Almond is a medium shade with a yellow undertone.

Y425 – Honey is a medium to tan shade with a yellow undertone.

Y445 – Amber is a medium caramel hue with a yellow undertone.

Y505 – Cognac is a medium to dark chocolate hue with a red undertone.

R510 – Coffee is a dark chestnut shade with a very strong red shift.

R530 – Brown is a deep brown shade with a red undertone.

R540 – Dark Brown is a deep ebony hue with a red undertone.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Full Coverage Foundation

The Review 

I have to kick off this section by saying that, in my opinion, everything MAKE UP FOR EVER says this foundation offers is 100% accurate. Not only did it give flawless coverage, but it felt like nothing on my skin and I can completely vouch for its waterproof claim – it didn’t budge!

I used the MAKE UP FOR EVER Silex Blender Sponge to apply the base above. I generally use a sponge to apply foundation as I prefer the finish, however, if you wanted even more coverage I’d recommend using the MAKE UP FOR EVER Foundation Brush – Small – 104. In terms of finish, the result was definitely matte, however it did still look very natural on my skin. For me, there’s nothing worse than a matte that looks as if it’s dried out your skin, but luckily that didn’t happen here!

What about the 24 hour wear time? Well, I’ll be honest I didn’t wear the formula for 24 hours as I’m a big advocate for not sleeping in foundation, but I did wear it all day, for as long as possible and other than a little wear on the chin (I’m terrible for touching my face throughout the day), it really held its own.

I give this foundation a huge thumbs up! I’d also recommend it to all combination and oily skin types, but also normal skin types who like more of a flawless matte finish too. The only skin type I’d say to perhaps avoid it would by very dry skin as you may prefer a more hydrating base like MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend. On the other hand, if your skin is very, very oily you may also want to checkout the MAKE UP FOR EVER Skin Blurring Powder Foundation, a powder base that you could use alone of pair with Matte Velvet Skin for extra coverage and mattifying power.  

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Foundation Review and Swatches


No matter your age, lifestyle or gender, there’s always time make the best of your complexion. If you want results and you want them now, this edit was hand-picked with you in mind.

Perhaps your skin is feeling super sensitive with the changing of the seasons, or maybe you’re feeling the effects of gravity and your complexion is beginning to look slackened. No matter your concern, we’ve rounded up the best French Pharmacy skin solutions to help soothe, smooth, renew and refine your skin without having to change your whole skincare routine. Are you ready for some rejuvenation?

#1 The Instant RefinerVichy-Night-Peeling

Vichy Idealia Night Peeling

According to our recent tweet, acid toners are proving to be a real skincare saviour for most right now and Vichy’s Idealia Night Peeling is no exception. Created without gritty grains or beads, this exfoliating lotion works gently overnight to resurface and refine the texture of your skin, encouraging a youthful glow by morning.

Night Peeling is packed with skin-smoothing ingredients. Within its water-like texture lies a sensitive skin-friendly combination of 4% glycolic acid to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells. The combination of antioxidants, fermented black tea and polyphenols are what helps to repair your skin overnight, letting you wake up to a soft, even complexion.

How do you use Vichy Idealia Night Peeling?

Depending on your skin’s sensitivity levels, it may be best to start using Vichy Peeling two to three times a week at first, then when your skin starts feeling comfortable, up your application to alternate nights.

It’s recommended that you apply Idealia Night Peeling in the evening to freshly cleansed skin. Use it before your serum but after your face wash. The Vichy Idealia Night Recovery Gel-Balm is the perfect final step if your main aim is to revive the softness of your skin.

#2 The Instant GlowBlog-Nuxe-Huile-Prodigieuse-Multi-Purpose-Dry-Oil-Spray

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Oil

Rated 5 stars by our customers, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil can do no wrong! Multi-purpose by name and multi-purpose by nature, its 98.1% natural, botanical oil-rich formula is the reason why you can use it almost anywhere for an instantaneous glow.

Perfect for your face, hair and body, you’ll adore the comforting smell and texture of this dry oil. Within the formula is a softening combination of fatty acid enriched oils and repairing vitamin E, which is enough to protect your skin from over 90% of free radicals that set out to harm your skin.

How do you apply Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Oil?

Face: Choose to apply in the evening as a reparative treatment, or mix with your foundation in the morning for a super-radiant finish.

Body: Massage into damp skin to lock in the moisture for longer.

Hair: Apply the oil to the ends of damp hair, then wrap your head in a warm towel for 30 minutes to increase the speed of absorption. The result? Super shiny hair that looks and feels soft.

#3 The Instant Moisture BoostBlog-Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

It’s impossible to not have heard of Embryolisse, a cult-favourite 3-in-1 skincare essential that never fails to get spotted in a skincare addict’s shelfie.

The best for an instant slather of hydration, this comforting emulsion plumps your skin with moisturising shea butter and soy proteins, instantly creating a comforting barrier that makes for the perfect makeup base.

How do you use Embryolisse?

Cleanse: Every morning and evening, massage into your complexion and then remove with a damp cloth.

Moisturise: After washing your face, apply a layer of Embryolisse, then leave to sink in.

Primer: Makeup artists swear by Embryolisse as a primer. Apply all over your face, then leave for 30-60 seconds before applying your foundation. If you find there’s too much excess, use a dry cotton pad to wipe away any product before applying makeup.

#4 The Instant FirmerBlog-Eucerin-Volume-Filler

Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate

Skin slackening and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles can be a worry for most. Stop your anti-ageing search here with the Eucerin Volume Filler Concentrate, a tightening serum that helps your skin to regain its youthful glow.

The Volume Filler Concentrate not only works instantly to smooth away the appearance of fine lines with plumping hyaluronic acid, but its protein-packed formula works overtime to redefine your facial contours and strengthen your skin’s collagen production, helping to slow down the effects of ageing for a noticeably firmer finish with or without makeup.  

How do you use the Eucerin Volume Filler Concentrate?

It’s best to apply the Volume Filler Concentrate to clean skin in place of your daily serum. Pat in a pea-sized amount before applying your favourite moisturiser.

#5 The Instant SootherBlog-La-Roche-Posay-Toleriane-Ultra-Intense-Soothing-Care

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra  Intense Soothing Care
‘Tis the season for reactive skin to start to play up. If you’re experiencing any flare-ups, trust in the cult-favourite Toleriane Ultra.

Awarded with a special Allergy UK Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation, Toleriane Ultra’s minimal but moisturising formula cools and calms sensitive, itchy or redness-prone skin both instantly and over time. The infusion of neurosensine calms skin irritation, making this a daily essential for anyone who regularly experiences uncomfortable reactions.  

How do you use La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra?

You can use Toleriane Ultra twice a day on your face to calm and around your eye contour to soothe.

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5 Top Rated Instant Skincare Fixes

Sandalwood has always been a popular material in perfumery. It has a distinct odour profile that lends, not only a wonderful olfactory character but also a wealth of texture to fragrances. Sandalwood is a class of woods from the genus Santalum. It produces a heavily fragrant oil that varies in odour dependent on its source. Historically, sandalwood from Mysore, India was considered the best, but it is now almost impossible to source due to overharvesting. There are other sources, namely Australia and New Caledonia, but much of what we smell as sandalwood now is a construct of aromachemicals – the likes of Javanol and Sandalore, which bring a sandalwood character to many a composition.

So how does sandalwood smell? I’d describe it as; woody, nutty, creamy, soft, milky, white, blonde, spicy, fresh, and sweet. It’s a complex material that lends itself well to versatility in scent and texture, and over the last few years we have seen a massive resurgence in the use of sandalwood – it’s now cool again and many fragrances are pushing it front and centre with intriguing and novel effects. In this guide, I’ve rounded up three of the coolest, most ‘in’ sandalwoods to show you just how versatile and trendy this ancient material can be.

Juliette Has A Gun Sunny Side Up Eau de Parfum Spray

Juliette Has A Gun Sunny Side Up

I’ve always perceived sandalwood as a material with a warm, creamy quality – one that evokes the idea of skin. In fact, I’m not the only one and many perfumers have used a sandalwood accord to create a hot skin effect. It’s quite magical really and it makes on feel as if sandalwood is not only a rare material, but it’s also quite an intimate one too.

The best idea of sexy, skin-like sandalwood one can find is Juliette Has a Gun Sunny Side Up. Ever the prankster, Juliette presents a beachy fragrance inside a bottle that, looked at from a bird’s eye view, appears like fried egg, playing on the idea that when the summer is really hot, one can cook an egg on their skin. Luckily, the fragrance is more serious than the packaging and there is no sight nor sound (and most importantly – no scent) of an egg in the fragrance, which is actually a supremely unctuous and lavish jasmine-sandalwood that smells just like the salty skin on a hot day. But it’s not all about bronzed beauty here and via the use of the sandalwood material Javanol, Sunny Side Up is able to showcase a remarkable freshness that really challenges one’s idea of what a woody fragrance can be. I know summer is on its way out, but Sunny Side Up will never go out of style.

This is a sandalwood for the sun-loving and fancy-free.

Comme des Garcons Concrete Eau de Parfum Spray

Comme des Garcons Concrete

What do you expect when you hear the word ‘concrete’? Something dense, hard, rocky, rubblesque and man-made, perhaps! These words feel at odds with the idea of sandalwood, which is a material that evokes the idea of softness, warmth, creaminess and comfort. But subverting expectations is what Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons does best. They’ve always played with the form, whether it be reshaping the human body in huge, cartoon-esque clothing, or the idea of fragrance with novel takes on familiar materials.

Comme des Garçons Concrete is a fragrance of contradictions. The name leads one to expect something harsh and hard, but the fragrance is actually incredibly soft and smooth. The fragrance is actually about rose as much as it is sandalwood, using a hefty dose of rose oxide to bring a freshness to the concept of nature’s most show-stopping flower. Freshness is a key theme, with Javanol raising its head to bring a fresher side of sandalwood, allowing a weightlessness to shine through. Concrete may not be as industrial and brutalist as the name may suggest, but it sure is as fine and beautiful as some of the greatest architectural works!

This is a sandalwood for the unconventional and undefinable.

GUERLAIN Santal Royal Eau de Parfum Spray

GUERLAIN Santal Royal

Guerlain’s Absolus d’Orient are western takes on middle eastern perfumery, meaning that they take the woods, the roses, the ouds of the east and process them through a Western filter. The result is three bold compositions that bring a French twist to the ancient art of middle eastern perfumery, where a touch of Guerlain’s signature, delicious flair is added to robust and exotic blends of woods, spices and flowers.

GUERLAIN Santal Royal is the most distinct of Guerlain’s Absolus d’Orient and it is also, rather unsurprisingly, the boldest and richest take on sandalwood in this list. Santal Royal uses its sandalwood heart as a solid, woody foundation, upon which a veritable feast of fragrant delights rest. It starts with an explosion of flesh peaches, accented by the dewy sparkle of neroli, with hints of purple berries in and fiery cinnamon spice in the background. A floral heart of jasmine and rose follows, bringing an intensity to the sweetness that is contrasted by the heft of oud, smoke and leather. The sandalwood lays at the very root of the fragrance, bringing depth and richness with a nutty, oaky character that feels like deep, dark chocolate.

This is a sandalwood for those who are audacious and excessive.

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Are Sandalwood Perfumes Cool Again?

So you’ve heard everyone talking about hyaluronic acid and you want to know what all the fuss is about. You’ve come to the right place! Hyaluronic acid is one of the skincare ingredients of the moment and luckily, we know a thing or two about it.

Find everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid below, plus a few of our favourite formulas for every price range…

#1 What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring sugar molecule that can be found throughout our bodies, with half of it being found in our skin. It’s a major component in our skin’s framework and has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in moisture, which is why it’s best known for keeping our skin looking plump and youthful. Unfortunately, as we age the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body declines, causing fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, sensitivity and more.  

#2 How does hyaluronic acid work in skincare?

The natural hyaluronic acid levels in our bodies fall as we grow older. When combined with environmental aggressors, this can have an impact upon the youthful look of our complexions, which is why many look to hyaluronic skincare for its anti-ageing, hydrating and plumping properties.

How the ingredient works depends in part upon what molecular weight is used. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid either penetrates the deep layers of the skin (low molecular weight) to stimulate hyaluronic acid production and target ageing concerns, or it creates a moisture shield over the surface of skin (high molecular weight), which smooths dehydration lines and keeps skin optimally hydrated.

#3 Are all hyaluronic acid skincare formulas created equal?

In short, no. Hyaluronic acid comes in different molecular weights and concentrations (this is often reflected in the price). For skincare, the lower the molecular weight the better as these will penetrate deeper into the dermis and provide better results. And like all skincare formulas, the higher the concentration, the more powerful the formula.

An important thing to remember when shopping for hyaluronic acid is that when it’s listed on a label as ‘hyaluronic acid’ they’re referring to pure hyaluronic acid. You may also come across sodium hyaluronate and sodium acetylated hyaluronate, which are hyaluronic acid derivatives. These are commonly used in skincare as they’re more easily absorbed into the skin and help more with hydration, while pure hyaluronic acid at a low molecular weight is best for targeting anti-ageing concerns.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml – £5.90

If you’re looking for an introduction to hyaluronic acid skincare this is where you should start. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum 2% + B5 doesn’t contain pure hyaluronic acid, but it does contain the hyaluronic derivative, sodium hyaluronate at a 2% concentration.

A great quick fix choice for surface dehydration, this purse-friendly pick contains 3 molecular weights of sodium hyaluronate (low, medium, high) that deliver hydration deep down, while added B5 1% works to soothe and repair.

Perfect for all skin types and ages, this serum also contains a next-generation HA crosspolymer that offers multi-depth hydration that stops moisture leaving the skin, which can often happen with larger molecules of hyaluronic acid.


NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex MMHC2 15ml – £25.00

There’s no question that MMHC2 is a step up from The Ordinary. It contains 15 different hyaluronic acid technologies, marine extracts and hyaluronic precursors that encourage the skin’s own production of HA and yes, you guessed it, pure hyaluronic acid at 1%.

The Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex is a great all-rounder for anyone looking to take their hyaluronic acid skincare to the next level, it will aid moisture retention but also help counteract signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

In total, the hyaluronic acid technologies within this serum rally up to a whopping 22% of the total formula, plus it has a new peptide technology that mimics the increased cell turnover you get from retinol, without any of the irritation of sun sensitivity.

Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Serum 30ml

Institut Esthederm Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml – £49.50

If you’re serious about hyaluronic acid you’ll want to add the Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Institut Esthederm to your basket stat. Of the three hyaluronic acid treatments in this post, this serum contains the highest concentration of pure hyaluronic acid at 3.05% – it means business!

The high-tech milky serum is made up of 3 forms of very pure hyaluronic acid at different molecular weights, which penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis in order to redensify contours, and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, all while delivering intense hydration both deep down and on the skin’s surface. Similarly to the serum from NIOD this formula also promotes the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid.

If your skin is severely dehydrated or nothing seems to be working on your fine lines and wrinkles, this product is the perfect skincare investment.

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The Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums For Every Budget

“Hi, I’m Ceryn and I’m addicted to perfume.” These are the words I’d be muttering if fragrance anonymous was a real thing. Luckily, it’s not. And I, along with any other olfactory admirers reading this, can live our lives surrounded by as many eaus as we please. Plus, I prefer fragrance fan to fragrance addict anyway…

Perfume is my weakness for so many reasons. Not only is it my cloak of confidence, but a single spritz of the right juice can change my mood, emotion and even transport my mind to an entirely different place. It’s safe to say that perfume is a pretty powerful thing. Unlike fashion, which I find really hard to get ‘right’, fragrance allows me to experiment with my style without any of the embarrassing moments. I still get flashbacks of all the outfits I tried to pair with Ugg boots in my teens… but that’s a horror story for another day.  

If you’re not a fragrance fanatic like me you could quite easily find yourself reaching for the same scent every day. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’d be lying if I said you’re not  missing out. So, to inspire you to leave your comfort zone I tasked myself with a week of fragrant discovery, and well, rediscovery. From my perfume roots to rooting through my boyfriend’s stash, here’s how I scented last week…


Where it all began… Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette

Where did your fragrance story begin? Mine began aged 13 in Glasgow Airport. Yes, I picked up my very first perfume in duty-free and it was Vera Wang Princess. I still think it’s really ironic that my first fragrance was called ‘Princess’ because it made me feel so grown up at the time!

There was no doubt about it, Princess had to be my Monday scent as it seemed only right to start the week with the Eau de Toilette that kickstarted my olfactory obsession. Princess, for those of you that haven’t tried it, is an oriental floral; it’s very light and delicate, and from the beginning, you get a beautiful, feminine wave of powdery florals on a very subtle citrus backdrop. It’s its development over time that I adore though, because as it dries down Princess becomes less ‘girly’ and more grown up thanks to additions like cacao and vanilla, which give it a more gourmand edge.

My Monday started with compliments like ‘you smell so pretty’ from my boyfriend and turned into “wow, what a gorgeous perfume” by the end of the day. Princess is a great example of ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – or indeed a perfume by its name!

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Essence De Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense Spray


My signature… Jean Paul Classique Essence de Parfum Intense

Princess is where it all began, but what am I wearing now? Well, as I’ve mentioned above I’m not 100% loyal to a single juice, but I’d still say that Classique Essence de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier is my signature; it’s the aroma I imagine by friends and family would intrinsically link to me.

Classique is a beautiful and powdery white floral fragrance. It’s equal parts sexy and sophisticated and it’s my go-to when I want to feel extra confident or have a productive day. It’s not for everyone I’ll admit, it’s what I call ‘a look at me fragrance’ and that’s because of rich, white floral facets like orange blossom and mouthwatering, gourmand additions of chantilly cream and vanilla.

Classique Essence de Parfum is a showstopper. I had compliments all day, one of which was from the shopkeeper at my local Tesco when I was buying milk. And even though that doesn’t scream luxury, I can say with confidence that Classique Essence de Parfum definitely does.

Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume Eau de Parfum Spray


A fail-safe choice… Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume Eau de Parfum

When it gets to the halfway mark in the week I am usually in a slump. They call it hump day for a reason after all. That’s why on this day I chose to wear Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun. This interesting juice contains only the note ambroxan, a facet abstracted from clary sage, which has a soft and musky aroma that differs on everyone’s skin.

Not a Perfume is the fragrance to pick when you have absolutely no idea what to wear. On me, it smells clean and slightly sweet but on you it could smell completely different, which makes it such an intriguing fragrance to try.

I didn’t get any show-stopping comments when I wore Not a Perfume, but that’s not entirely a bad thing. I’d say it’s like a quiet confidence booster, almost like when you wear new, expensive underwear.

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Spray


What’s yours is mine… Versace Eros Eau de Toilette

I’m going to start this section by saying that you should wear whatever fragrance you like, no matter who it’s marketed at. That’s why Thursday saw me dipping into my boyfriend’s collection (sorry Simon!). I chose an eau that instantly reminds me of him whenever I smell it: Versace Eros.

I’ve always been a fan of Eros; it’s fresh and clean with notes like mint and apple in the top but it has this underlying smoothness that makes it feel really comforting, which we can thank vanilla and ambroxan for. There’s no question that Eros is refreshing, even on me,  but I’d also say that it’s a little mysterious and dare I say a little bit sexy… In all honesty, I love this aroma so much that I’m not sure why I hadn’t stolen this from my boyfriend sooner.

At no point during this day did anyone say to me: “are you wearing a men’s fragrance?”, which I did think could happen. Instead, the only comment I had was: “you smell fab today, what’s that?” and you can’t argue with that!

Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud Eau de Cologne Concentrée Spray


Trying something new… Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud Eau de Cologne Concentree

On a Friday I always feel like trying something new. Perhaps it’s the excitement of the approaching weekend, but on this day I tried to task myself with wearing a fragrance I’d never usually wear. This time it was oud!

As I’m a new to the world of oud I wanted to ease myself in slowly. Oud fragrances can often be rich and full-bodied and that’s why everyone loves them, but I wanted to try something a little pared-back to start.

The fragrance I decided to wear was Colonia Oud by Acqua di Parma, a recommendation from Chelsey, who’s a big oud lover and the mastermind behind Escentual’s social channels. Colonia Oud was a perfect choice; it’s a lighter take on a typical oud composition and made me realise that this fragrance family isn’t as scary as I once thought!

Colonia Oud combines the fresh themes of the original Colonia with agarwood and throws in some leather and spices for depth. The result is really wearable! Of course, it’s unlike anything I’d normally wear. There’s no white floral in sight but I really enjoyed wearing it. So many people commented on it; many said how unique it was and others said that it was really different to how I usually smell, in a good way. Proof that you should always switch up your scent!

Thierry Mugler Angel Muse Eau de Parfum Spray


Scented by an expert… MUGLER Angel Muse Eau de Parfum

I’m one of those people that questions everything. Am I eating the right foods? Is this the right foundation for my skin? And, of course, is there a better fragrance fit for me out there? So, on this day I looked to Escentual’s very own Fragrance Expert, Thomas (also known as The Candy Perfume Boy) to pick my perfume.

With only my personality to match and my signature perfume in his back pocket, he chose MUGLER Angel Muse as his recommendation for me; a vibrant gourmand that’s centred around a hazelnut cream-cocoa accord.  

So, what did I think? Well, firstly I’d never really considered Angel Muse for me. I think I was perhaps put off by the idea that it would be too sickly sweet, but it’s not at all. The aroma is delicious I’ll give it that, but it’s not overbearing. It reminds me a little of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter I used to steal from my mum’s skincare cupboard growing up. But the cocoa core isn’t the only aspect of the Eau de Parfum that I love, its base of vetiver and patchouli are what propel it into elegance and give it a more grown-up feel.

On this day I didn’t leave the house, so I can’t say what others thought of Angel Muse. But trust me when I say I smelt great and felt like the ultimate glamazon, even if it was just to clean the house…

Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum Spray


The perfume of the moment… Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum

As much as I love perfume I don’t usually wear the ‘it’ scents because I don’t want to smell like everyone else. But – and it’s a big ‘but’ – I cannot seem to escape Woman by Ralph Lauren. It’s there when I turn on the TV or flick through a magazine, so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about.

Upon inspecting the note line-up I knew I was likely to love Woman, after all, it’s packed with white floral facets and we all know how I feel about those. Dubbed a floral-woody composition, Woman is undoubtedly a bold juice, but it’s not as in your face as Classique Essence de Parfum, which I like, especially for everyday wear. The dry down is where Woman won me over, it has notes like hazelnut and sandalwood that add a creamy, nutty touch to the composition.

Of all the scents I wore all week Woman provoked the most interaction. Even my dad, who regularly gets in trouble for not noticing when my mum’s had a haircut, said that my perfume smelt lovely (if you knew my dad you’d realise how groundbreaking this is).

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